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The best technology is of no use without understanding and enthusiasm for the possibilities it opens up.

Use IT as a competitive advantage – we will show you how!

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Since 1980 SPI stands for software development and IT consulting. Our software is used in finance, trade, and industry.


CAD- and CAM- Solutions


Trade and banking software


B2B Digitization Consulting

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Sheet Metal Solutions

In the sheet metal process chain, SPI software solutions are closely aligned with the manufacturing process.

Their main focus is on the creation of precise flat patterns, the calculation of which is based on the machines, tools, and methods used.

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Digital Sales Support

Digital solutions for B2B companies.

Relieve your sales team of
tasks that a technical solution can do faster, better, and more cost-effectively. Gain more time for your customers!

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Customized Software

Your software should optimally support your business procedures.

With an individual solution, your work-flows can be mapped, optimized, and automated: great potential for increasing the efficiency in your company.


About Us

We make software.

With technologies that can hold their own also tomorrow. With architectures that are open for extensions.



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