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Online training sessions especially for our SPI SheetMetal customers.


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The training offers apply to both SPI SheetMetal Inventor and SPI SheetMetalWorks. Functionalities marked with an * are currently only available in SPI SheetMetalWorks.

SheetMetal Basic Training: Part I

2 Days | 3 x 2,5 hours each


  • Online installation of the SPI SheetMetal version on the customer PC (admin rights required)
  • Instructions for filling the SPI material database with customer-specific bending shortening data
  • Instructions for filling the SPI tool database with customer-specific punching and forming tools
  • Presentation of a customer vision of a digital process chain from design to production
  • SPI SheetMetal Wizard, unfold parameters, unfold parameter sets
  • Unfolding of parts, solid bodies, variants, and assemblies
  • Unfolding of imported customer data
  • Output formats for CAM programming, including DXF, Bystronic DXF, Schröder DXF,
    Trump GEO, WiCAM XML, STEP*
  • SPI CAD Viewer for displaying DXF, GEO, XML data including measuring function and display of file properties
  • SPI productivity concept – simplified modelling approaches
  • Creating flat patterns for cutting machines that include desired content such as markings, laser or punching characteristics, and file properties
  • Creating flat patterns for bending machines with corresponding preferential tools per bending machine, in particular also for Schröder folding machines
  • SPI Component Manager

SheetMetal Basic Training: Part II

1 day | 3 x 2,5 hours | 6-8 weeks after Part I


  • Training content according to customer specifications – customer questions are the focus
  • Transfer of tool ID or machining pattern to TRUMPF TruTops Punch or to WICAM PN 4000 (macros) programming system
  • Creation of replacement geometries in the unfolding process, including square, hexagon, slotted hole, center point
  • Integrating customer parts into the SPI Component Manager

Update Training for SPI SheetMetal

1 day | 2 x 2,5 hours per skipped version


  • New functions, concepts, and working methods
  • Answering customer inquiries

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